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is an engineering, general construction and environmental company based in Seoul, Korea. PNI has extensive experience in providing the United States Forces Korea (USFK) with high quality and responsive services for design, construction, upgrade, renovation, maintenance, and environmental works at fuel related POL facilities. We have consistently provided outstanding support to the U.S. military community at numerous locations in Korea. Our effort is a mission readiness multiplier, and our work insures that military POL fuel facilities can effectively support US activities in Korea.

PNI is a Federal Contractor serving the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Energy. We understand the USFK challenges facing our Federal clients, and over the years has invested in the necessary infrastructure and project management cadre to support federal facilities and DoD installations Korea wide. PNI continues to provide a full range of environmental, construction, and engineering services for US Federal clients.

PNI has achieved its success by adhering to its Core values of commitment, dedication, developing long-term relationships with our clients, and maintaining a positive reputation. PNI strives to understand our clients’ specific needs and adheres to a business philosophy focusing on integrity, responsiveness and providing the best overall value to our customers.
For over a decade PNI has been working with numerous POL fuel-related projects and environmental contracts through other contract agencies such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Contracting Command Korea (CCK), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Naval Facility Engineering Service Center(NAVFAC), and the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE). Furthermore, we have worked with US prime contractors such as CH2MHILL, ITSI, Shaw E&I, ECC, TolTest, CCI, and WESTON as a subcontractor for US military constructions and environmental works.

With these contract agencies and the US prime contractors, we have successfully completed numerous construction-related, fuel-related, and environmental projects. All projects were successfully completed with no accidents or failures and met US standards for safety and environmental regulations. We have provided planning, oversight, and quality control in numerous fuel- related projects: installation of fuel systems, controls, equipment, testing, and construction of POL-related facilities.

Because of our work within these contracts we are familiar with the condition, operation, and points of contact at USFK. Our mission readiness has been acquired from our knowledge, experience, and understanding of Korean and U.S. commercial and US military construction specifications, procedures, requirements, techniques, safety procedures, and environmental codes and regulations.

Our typical project scope includes planning, oversight, inspection and quality control. Our work has encompassed the construction of buildings, dormitory renovations, design and construction of fuel systems, testing and diagnosing of POL facilities, and numerous other construction-related projects both on and off US military bases in Korea.

On working with the U.S. military and on U.S. military installations, PNI has established a staff of highly qualified professional personnel that are trained in U.S. military specifications and requirements, condition, operation, safety, OSHA standards, and U.S. environmental regulations. Our staff is well conversant or fluent in the English language and they understand working within the U.S. military system.