PNI Construction, engineering, construction, environmental

Design Build & POL Facility Services
  • POL fuel-related system design, upgrade, build
  • Construction management
  • Dormitory building renovation
  • HVAC System Upgrade
  • Water plant renovation
  • Simulator room renovation and build
  • Communication building renovation
  • Repair airfield pavement
  • Bulk storage tanks farm electric line upgrade
  • Cut and cover tanks repair and upgrade
  • TMP stations design, build and upgrade
  • Long-term maintenance and repair
  • Service stations and TMP station dispenser maintenance
  • Repair and upgrade operation activities on existing POL systems
  • Pipeline (POL) construction
  • Expansion of existing POL facilities
  • Design and built POL facilities
  • Hotpoint facility upgrade and truck fill-stand upgrade
  • Bulk storage tanks upgrade
  • Tanks and pipelines tightness testing
  • Long-term maintenance and repair

PNI has years of successful experience in construction, building renovation, and fuel-related facilities upgrade and design on U.S. military bases in Korea.

We have been working with numerous POL fuel-related projects and environmental contracts through other contract agencies such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Contracting Command Korea (CCK), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Naval Facility Engineering Service Center(NAVFAC), and the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE). Furthermore, we have worked with numerous US prime contractors as a subcontractor for US military constructions and environmental works.

With these contract agencies and the US prime contractors, we have successfully completed numerous construction-related, fuel-related, and environmental projects. All projects were successfully completed with no accidents or failures and met US standards for safety and environmental regulations. We have also provided planning, oversight, and quality control in fuel- related projects: installation of fuel systems, controls, equipment, testing, and construction of POL-related facilities.

Because of our work within these contracts we are familiar with the condition, operation, and points of contact at USFK. Our mission readiness has been acquired from our knowledge, experience, and understanding of Korean and U.S. commercial and US military construction specifications, procedures, requirements, techniques, safety procedures, and environmental codes and regulations.